X S u p p o r t   S i t e   C h a n g e s

Friday 16th March

  • The Tools and Utilites page has been split into two separate pages; "Freeware" and "Xhost COM & CGI".

Wednesday 14th March

  • Links page split into technology sections and dropdown navigation box added.

Tuesday 13th March

  • ColdFusion page updated with information on how to install and create your first ColdFusion webpage.
  • The number of sites on the links page has been increased to 71.

Tuesday 12th December

  • Over 30 Christmas clipart images added to the WebGraphics section.

Tuesday 31st October 2000

  • Domain Names and Email FAQs added

Wednesday 4th October 2000

  • Switched over to v2 of xsupport
  • Random Article added to mainpage

Tuesday 26th September 2000

  • Created the WebGraphics section of the site.
  • Added the Support Webboard.

Monday 25th September 2000

  • Added PaintShopPro to the Software Index

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