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Below is a list of commercial web development tools based upon what we like and use. They have all been tested on our servers and we can recommend them on that basis. If you know of any better tools then please tell us!

Online Shops


Frontpage 2000
The Microsoft FrontPage® 2000 Web site creation and management tool gives you everything you need to create and manage exactly the site you want, whether you're creating a personal Web page or a corporate Internet or intranet site. Costs around £110 new. Upgrade around £50.

Access 2000
Access 2000 gives you powerful new tools for managing your data. Share your database with co-workers over an intranet. Find and retrieve information quickly. And take advantage of automated, pre-packaged solutions to quickly create databases. Costs around £290 new. Upgrade around £95.


DreamWeaver 3
Dreamweaver 3 is the solution for professional Web site design and production. Develop ground-breaking sites, automate production, and enhance team efficiency. Control your code with Roundtrip HTML and the revolutionary Quick Tag Editor. Accelerate workflow through integration with Web applications, Dreamweaver can be customized using HTML, JavaScript, and XML giving you the power you need for rapid Web development.

Drumbeat 2000
Drumbeat 2000 provides everything you need to visually build dynamic Web applications and online stores. Drag-and-drop interfaces and sophisticated Wizards enable you to quickly build Web sites that access and update data in real time and work across all major browsers—all without manual coding.

Fireworks 3
Fireworks 3 brings efficiency to Web graphics production! Quickly create buttons, animations, and page comps. Everything remains editable, including files from leading graphics applications. Save production time with the History panel, step-by-step button maker, and the Library. Integrate Fireworks code seamlessly into Dreamweaver and other leading HTML editors. Only Fireworks lets you script the entire application to automate workflow.


Photoshop 5.5
Raising photo design and production to exhilarating new heights, Adobe Photoshop® 5.5 software expands its scope to bring you innovative artistic tools and enhanced Web features, plus the power of Adobe ImageReady™ 2.0 software for advanced processing of Web graphics. Photoshop is the first integrated toolset for taking your images from concept to completion in print and on the Web, maximizing your efficiency while helping you achieve the finest-quality output in both media.

GoLive 4.0
Adobe® GoLive™ is the industrial-strength Web publishing tool that lets you create and manage dynamic Web sites. Visual design tools, easy-to-use Dynamic HTML, QuickTime editing, WYSIWYG cascading style sheets, and HTML source code editing give designers, programmers, and Web developers alike the power to create world-class Web sites.


Storefront 2000
StoreFront 2000 is the leading e-commerce solution among Microsoft FrontPage merchant developers around the globe. Build professional, dynamic, database driven e-commerce web applications with StoreFront’s easy to use tools.


ColdFusion Studio 4.5
Allaire ColdFusion Studio is a complete environment for rapid Web application development. Based on the award-winning technology in Allaire HomeSite®, ColdFusion Studio gives you a powerful suite of integrated tools for quickly and easily developing applications. From e-commerce to business automation and more, ColdFusion Studio will get you there.

Homesite 4.5
Allaire HomeSite is the industry’s #1 professional HTML editor. The intuitive WYSIWYN (what you see is what you need) interface gives you all the necessary site-building tools right at your fingertips. Increased productivity, enhanced project management, extended site deployment, and support for the latest Web technologies make the new HomeSite 4.5 release the obvious choice for quickly building great Web sites


PaintShop Pro 6
Jasc Paint Shop Pro 6 takes image editing to a new level of functionality and ease of use. Designed for users who want control, power, and flexibility, Paint Shop Pro 6 delivers the tools you need to easily capture, create, enhance, and optimize your graphics projects.

Animation Shop 2
Jasc Animation Shop™ 2 provides the tools you need to easily add animated buttons, banners and other cool effects to your web site and create effective business presentations.

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