F r e e w a r e

This page contains links to freeware aimed at web developers. We can't offer any support on these programs, and you download them at your own risk. All we can say is, we have used them ourselves.

File Compression

  • PowerArchiver
    There are a number of free 'zip' compression tools around - and this is one of the best. It can handle all the usual formats (you don't really want me to list 'em), and it even has skins! 2.0MB

Graphic Editors

  • Harms Tile 99
    Top program for producing seamless tiled backgrounds. Many effects. VERY addictive. 808KB

  • VCW VicMans Photo Editor
    A Photo Editor rather than a graphics editor, this program allows you to manipulate and apply a range of filters to images 1.3MB

  • Zpaint
    This is a great utility for creating smooth 3D elements. Creating images to precise measurements can be difficult, but you can always cut and paste your creations into other packages. 286KB

HTML Editors

  • 1st Page 2000
    Another professional freeware HTML editor. Also has similar layout to Allaire's Homepage product. This editor has hundreds of built-in Javascript and DHTML scripts. New Version 2.0 5.2MB

  • HTML-Kit
    Probably the best free HTML Editor around. Similar to Allaire's Homepage, this program appears to have every feature you would ever need when creating HTML documents. 2.6MB

  • Arachnophilia
    An excellent HTML editor with many useful built-in features such as FTP, spell-checker and keyboard macros. 1.6MB

Image Optimizers

  • JPG Cleaner
    This program doesn't actually compress the JPG. It removes all but the picture-data from an image which in many cases results in a significantly smaller image. 257KB

  • Gif Optimizer
    You can use this program to reduce the size of a single image or simply let it loose on a single directory - it works, and it's fast!. 258KB


  • The Font Thing
    Awesome font viewer/manager. The program allows you to view your own sample text in all installed fronts at once. Features include installation and deinstallation of fonts, the grouping of font types and print font samples. 1.1MB

  • Adobe Acrobat
    With so many companies producing documentation in Acrobat (PDF) format, this program is a must. 5.6MB

Web Design Aids

  • EyeDropper
    This small utility displays the color value of any pixel on your screen in HEX, RGB or CMYK. 27KB

  • Screen Calipers
    a very useful tool if you need to check the precise pixel measurements of your web page images 136KB

Web Servers

  • OmniHTTPd
    Now you can test your website on your own PC before uploading to your Xhost account. (See our ColdFusion page for install instructions) 1.97MB

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