X h o s t   S i t e   U t i l i t i e s

Xhost has a number of third-party COM objects and CGI programs available for it's customers to use on their websites. Customers can apply for Xhost to have other third-party utilities installed, but there will be a charge for this service and only programs approved by Xhost's support team will be accepted.

CGI Scripts

These scripts are very easy to incorporate into your web pages, and are available on request. If you have any problems using or configuring the scripts, post your query to Support WebBoard and we'll look into the problem with you.

  • MailTo
    Mailto.exe lets you send information from a form to one or more specified email addresses.

  • Hit Counters
    Counter.exe adds a Hit Counter to your web pages which increment every time someone looks at your webpage.

  • Digital Clocks
    The counter.exe program also lets you to add a digital clock to your web pages.

  • Xhost Counter Creator
    An easy-to-use application to let you mix and match your your hit counters.

ASP Components

The ASP components below have been purchased by Xhost and can be installed on request. They are more complex to use than the CGI scripts and are only available with Xhost Silver accounts and above.

  • ASPImage
    Create images on the fly from ASP and ColdFusion.

  • ASPMail
    Send email using a web form.

  • ASPChart
    Create and display charts in a web page./li>

  • SA-FileUp
    Allows people to upload files from their PC to your web server area without using FTP.

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